Umbrella Project  is managed by Gender Equality Department, a standing body of Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) with technical support function to enhance information provison capacity, literature research and database on gender equality and the advancement of women to society. Despite advance in strengthening its institutional capacity in the field of implementation, reporting, gender analysis, data collection and monitoring still remain limited and non-systematic. The problem exsits in the field of networking and sharing information, data, research and experience on gender equality issue. A number of significant gender data were collected and available. National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam (UBQGVSTBPN) has a website to disseminate information, and Labor and Social Information Center (Lasic) also have reported data on gender equality in eight areas specified in the Law on Gender Equality. However, gender data, systems analysis and information dissemination should be improved to be more systematic and more sustainable.
    To address these challenges, joint program between the Government of Vietnam and the United Nations by the Spanish Government support through the Fund Development Goals Millennium (MDGF) have started to come into operation on 3/2009 to build the capacity of agencies responsible for national and provincial level so that they can perform, supervise, evaluate and better reporting on the Gender Equality Law and Law on Prevention domestic violence from 2009 to 2011. Joint Programme on gender equality is the only program by 12 UN agencies and other relevant government agencies implement to achieve the following results:
The final result 1: Improve knowledge, skills and practices in the implementation, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of the Gender Equality Law and Law on Prevention of domestic violence.
The final result 2: Strengthen partnerships and coordination related to gender equality both within and outside government.
The final result 3: To strengthen the evidence-based data systems and related data to promote gender equality.
   According to general results 3, Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs with technical assistance from United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) will conduct activities to build a central information system for classifying materials and allow access to the data world, studies and reports of gender equality in Vietnam and build action plan to ensure the sustainability of the center.

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