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Enhancing women participation in politics
Updated at: 04/03/2015

On December 27th 2014 in Phu Ly City, Hanam Province, National Committee for Advancement of Women in Viet Nam in coordination with Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Women’s Group of the National Assembly and Vietnam Women Union Central held a Red River Delta region workshop with a theme “Enhancing the participation of women in politics”. Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan chaired this workshop and other representatives mainly came from ministries, central authorities and provinces in Red River Delta.

Viet Nam has achieved rapid changes in eliminating gender gaps in East Asia for almost 30 years since applied Doi Moi policy. Vietnam women’s roles and positions have been gradually enhanced that the number of women in politics, economy, culture and society has been increasing over years. International Organizations highly appreciate Viet Nam’s achievements in improving indexes of human development and gender equality. It is the first time Vietnam is named in a country list that has Gender Empowerment Measurement (GEM).

Nevertheless, Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan said that the equal participation of women in social activities, especially in politics is not commensurate. The process of striving to achieve gender equality targets has taken a long time and required for huge efforts in developing and implementing policies as well as building suitable mechanism for women’s participation and equitable enjoyment achievements of social-economic development, especially the participation of women in leader positions to show their roles in society. It is not easy due to the community awareness of gender equality is lower than requirements of social development.
Vice President proposed that in this workshop all participants will correctly and objectively evaluate women’s roles in politics and indentify difficulties, challenges, limitations, reasons and experiences of women in politics and then propose innovative recommendations, solutions to enhance the participation of women in politics in coming time.

In this workshop, all participants focused on analyzing women in elected bodies, Party committees, leaders of the state managements and planning as well as resource development of female staff in recent years. Accordingly, in Red River Delta, the percentage of female members in National Assembly XIII is 27.73%; female staffs in Executive Committee, Standing and holding key positions at all levels equivalent to the average nationwide

Accordingly, in Red River Delta, the percentage of female members in National Assembly XIII is 27
.73%, the participation of women in the Executive Committee, Standing and holding Key positions at all levels is equivalent to the average nationwide; in which the proportion of participation of women in Provincial Executive Committee and  Provincial Standing  is 11.3% and 7.8% respectively. Regarding qualifications, 100% female Provincial Executive Committee members have university degree or higher and political theory advanced degree. However, the percentage of women participation in committees at all levels are quite low and is not commensurate with the potential and contribution of women as well as not achieving Resolution No. 11-NQ/TW of the Politburo of women in the period of accelerated industrialization and modernization of the country

From the above reality, the participants discussed some concerned issues on women participation in politics, for instances the role of the Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front to ensure gender equality in the electoral process; implementation of the policy, laws in order to enhance the participation of women in politics; planning and resource development of the women. /.

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